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Telemedicine brings the patient/provider relationship to your home - Learn how to connect here!

Our preference is to see our patients in person, but we understand there are going to be some circumstances that make telemedicine a good alternative.

We are able to accommodate a limited amount of telemedicine requests (ADHD, Anxiety, Depression) but these must be scheduled as an appointment so your provider knows to prepare in advance of the appointment time.  If you aren’t sure that a telemedicine visit is appropriate for your concern, please call us at 717-299-8933.

These visits will be submitted to your insurance just like an in-office visit.  Our major insurers have been updating their policies and have begun reimbursing for these services.  However, since all plans are different, please check on the specifics of your policy to know for sure if a copay/deductible/coinsurance will be applied.

How to setup a telemedicine appointment:

  1. Call us to schedule your appointment.
  2. Use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  3. Click your provider’s link below.
  4. Start at least 5-10 minutes before your appointment to ensure your connection works well.
  5. Log-in using the PATIENT’S name.
  6. Allow permission to use your camera/microphone.
  7. Run a Pre-call Test (button on bottom left of your screen).
  8. Your provider will start the call as close to your scheduled time as possible. We do our best to stay on time but sometimes delays are unavoidable. If you are waiting longer than 10-15 minutes after your scheduled time, please contact the office for assistance.

Man with his son on a telemedicine call


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