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Acute Care From Expert Pediatricians in Lancaster, PA

Sick Visits & Acute Care

When your child is feeling ill, we know how important it is to get the best possible care for them as soon as you can. Our team of experienced pediatricians in Lancaster, PA, is dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive care for all children, regardless if they're feeling great or under the weather. If you have concerns or questions about your child's health, our medical staff and providers are available to receive questions through our patient portal or take phone calls throughout the day to help. And, with our same-day appointments and acute care services, you can trust that your child will receive the treatment they need when they need it.

At Beittel-Becker Pediatric Associates, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care for your child during their time of need. Trust our team to guide you through the process of addressing your child's illness and to help them get back to feeling their best as soon as possible.

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Acute Visit

Pediatric Acute Care Near You

24-Hour Attention From Your Child's Pediatrician

If your child is experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, ear pain, vomiting, diarrhea, or any other signs of illness, call our office right away. We always do our absolute best to make room for same-day appointments for sick children whenever possible, ensuring they receive prompt medical attention. Plus, our medical staff is available throughout the day to answer any questions you may have. 

During a sick visit, one of our experienced pediatricians will examine your child, taking the time to assess their overall health and well-being. The process includes:

  • Examining your child for any signs of illness or discomfort
  • Asking about the symptoms your child is experiencing
  • Inquiring about any recent changes in their health or behavior
  • Discussing potential factors that may have contributed to their illness

By gathering this information, our pediatricians will be able to provide a diagnosis and recommend an appropriate treatment plan, tailored specifically to your child's needs. This may involve:

  • Prescribing medications
  • Suggesting over-the-counter remedies
  • Recommending lifestyle changes to alleviate symptoms

Our pediatricians will also provide guidance on how to prevent the illness from recurring, as well as tips for maintaining your child's overall health and well-being.

At Beittel-Becker Pediatric Associates, our strong commitment to patient-provider relationships means that your child will always have access to the providers they know and trust, regardless of the time of day. That's why we have our providers on call 24/7 and don't outsource overnight or weekend responsibilities to external providers. We believe that continuity of care is essential, which is why our team is always available to assist you, even if your child needs medical attention outside of our office hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I schedule a sick visit for my child?

We understand that it can be difficult to distinguish when a child needs to see a doctor and when they can recover on their own. If you're uncertain, we recommend calling our office for guidance. Our team of knowledgeable and compassionate providers will be able to answer your questions and provide advice on whether or not you should bring your child in for a sick visit. This symptom checker from the American Academy of Pediatrics(opens in a new tab) is also a helpful tool.

Why should I take my child to their pediatrician instead of a 24-hour pediatric urgent care center?

There are several reasons to schedule a same-day appointment with your child's pediatrician as opposed to visiting an urgent care center. Perhaps most importantly, your child's doctor already has a relationship with them and has comprehensive knowledge of their medical history. This allows them to provide more personalized care and specific advice based on your child's individual needs, while also ensuring a more comfortable and familiar environment for your child.

It's also more convenient to visit your child's pediatrician, as it allows for all of their medical records and information to stay in one spot. Additionally, visiting your PCP is always going to be less expensive than visiting an urgent care facility or emergency room. Copays alone for an urgent care and/or emergency room visit will be far more expensive than your office visit’s copay.

Are sick visits the same as emergency care?

While sick visits are designed to address important health concerns, they are not meant to address a medical emergency or other urgent medical need. If your child is experiencing a medical emergency, such as a severe respiratory issue, seizure, severe injury, severe allergic reaction, severe blood loss etc., please call 911 or take them to the nearest emergency department immediately.

How do I schedule a sick visit with the best pediatric doctor near me?

At Beittel-Becker Pediatric Associates, we strive to make scheduling appointments as convenient and stress-free as possible. Use our online tool or call our office to schedule a same-day appointment. We always strive to accommodate same-day appointments for sick children whenever possible, ensuring your child receives the fastest and most effective care. 

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