Wellness Visits

We strongly recommend annual wellness checks for every child. Wellness checks are the best way to detect problems before they become bigger issues. Small health issues that go undetected too long can become chronic conditions that are more difficult to resolve. These visits are very important to the overall health of your child because they allow ample time for you and your child to discuss any question or concerns they may have with our providers. The following link provides additional reading material Well-Visit Family Tip Sheet.


We are able to provide all necessary physicals your kid will need to allow them to enjoy the activities they love. We provide school, sports, camp, and driver permit physicals. If you had your annual wellness exam within a year, we will fill out the form at no cost, provided you allow 1 business day for our providers to complete the form.

Acute Visits

If your child suddenly becomes ill, we will be here ready to serve you. We will do our absolute best to make room for same day appointments. Our medical staff and providers are also able to take phone calls throughout the day if you have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed. We also have our own providers available 24/7 if emergent concerns arise. We do not outsource our overnight or weekend call to other providers. We strongly believe that all of our patients should have access to the providers they have a relationship with, at all times of the day.

Chronic Issues

If your child develops a chronic health issue, there is no better place to look for care than the provider you already have a relationship with. Our providers know your child best and will be able to work closely with you and your child as they manage their healthcare. As changes are needed, our providers will be able to quickly and efficiently make decisions that will lead to better outcomes.